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Turn Down the Volume on Anger
With Dr. John Schinnerer!
Over 10,000 Lives Changed!

Welcome to the Ultimate Online Anger Management Course which includes basic and advanced anger management tools, assertiveness training, stress management techniques and tools for greater happiness and success. And everything is proven by science so you can crush it. This is everything you need to turn down the volume on anger today AND increase your happiness. All the best tools and materials from U.C. Berkeley-trained anger management expert Dr. John Schinnerer. 

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Is Your Loved One Saying
"Get Help For Your Anger"?
Is Your Boss Done
With Your Blow Ups?

You can learn new skills! Be less angry!  Just check out this recent testimonial...

"After my divorce, I was in a new relationship but old issues and behaviors kept coming up. I was still angry despite being in a different type of relationship. I took your anger management class not because I was an angry person but because I knew I had an issue that I needed to address. I learned so much from the class about myself, how to communicate my needs better, and how to be mindful. Thank you for your anger management class and helping me to become the person I always wanted to be. My relationship is in a much better place now. I highly recommend this course to everyone."  Stephanie S.

Basic and Advanced
Anger Management Tools

This advanced online training includes the latest in basic and advanced anger management techniques - all of which you can learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

The Latest Stress Management Tools

This course gives you simple, proven  skills...REAL tools and habits to make lasting change - starting NOW. This is science-backed, heart-centered strategies and tools for excelling in life. Dr. John's goal is to help you rid your life of anger, fear and stress so that you can live a more joyous, creative, loving, and remarkable life.


Positive Psychology Tools
for More Happiness

Everyone wants happiness and success, few know how to get it. Dr. John will take you step-by-step through simple, easy-to-learn skills for more happiness, meaning and success as well as less anger. And it's all based on science! Dr. John teaches you the latest in psychology, neuroscience and world-class performance studies. Level up your life now.

Are You Ready
to Make a Real Change in Your Life?
Become One of the 1000's
Whose Lives Have Been Transformed!

10 Easy Modules Accomplished In the Privacy of Your Home

Take your time or move quickly. It's completely up to you. The program will bring you right back to where you left off.

Level up your life...

for your spouse,

for your children,

for a better world.

Why Is This Course So Different?

Dr. John has searched the world over for the best, proven tools to help people manage their anger and increase their happiness. In his quest to help people lead happier and more successful lives, he discovered a powerful formula:

Anger Management + Positive Psychology + Stress Management = More Success and Happiness

You see, it's not enough to merely teach people to turn down the volume on anger. If that's as far as you go, the anger eventually returns. As nature abhors a vacuum, anger will return; unless you fill that void with positive emotions - gratitude, curiosity, love, joy, excitement, passion, contentment and so on. That's the magic! That is why over 10,000 people have found this Ultimate Anger Management Course to be the real deal.

It's the step-by-step path to becoming less angry, happier and more successful!


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