Why We Explode and Tools to Stop It:

The 9 Triggers of Anger and How to Manage Them



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  • Be more patient with your children.
  • Be less irritated with your spouse and loved ones.
  • Learn to be less angry and more happy.
  • Improve your relationships at work.
  • Discover concrete tools to reduce anger, impatience, annoyance and more!
  • Show up better in your relationships.
  • Get world-class expertise on how to master your relationships quickly.
  • Today, you can make a decision that forever improves your life.

Learn to take the small, simple steps to become more patient, more calm, and happier. Studies show greater happiness leads to more success. Find out how now.

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Dr. John Schinnerer:

  • Has taught 1000s of people, just like you, to improve relationships, overcome anger and lead happier, more successful lives
  • Expert consultant to Pixar's Academy Award-winning movie, Inside Out
  • Award-winning author of How Can I Be Happy?
  • Has helped high net worth individuals, elite athletes, couples, teenagers, Army Rangers and Navy SEALs.
  • Holds a Ph.D. in psychology from U.C. Berkeley
  • Fellow of National Anger Management Association
  • A highly regarded expert in anger management and positive psychology
  • Hosted the daily radio show Guide To Self

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