Freedom From Anxiety Class

You know, anxiety is a pain in the *ss - painful, annoying, exhausting, even embarrassing. It keeps you from being social, from working to your potential and from enjoying life. If only you could find tools to get past your anxiety.

Well, now you can! The best tools as proven by science! 

In a brand new 8-hour video class, Freedom from Anxiety, U.C. Berkeley-trained emotion expert, Dr. John Schinnerer (and fellow sufferer of anxiety), explains how to conquer the most common types of anxiety, and provides the most effective treatment methods for you. For 25 years, Dr. John has scoured the world looking for the best tools to help you master anxiety and he teaches all of them in this revolutionary video class. The types of anxiety covered include:

Panic attack

Panic disorder

Phobias (e.g., snakes, clowns, zombies, heights, bridges, needles, open spaces, closed spaces, speaking, etc.)

Social phobia

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Acute stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

and Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).


Learn how to free yourself from the chains of anxiety today!

This scientifically-based online anxiety course will teach you:

• The best treatments for specific phobias like fear of flying, bridges, or even zombies (one of the most common phobias!)

• How exposure therapy can help you vanquish your fears

• Tips for getting a better night’s sleep when you suffer from anxiety

• The therapy that can help you prevent panic disorders

• Deep relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and more.

• Positive psychology tools to cultivate more calm, courage and contentment

• And more!

And this revolutionary 6-week course covers each of the major types of treatments so that you can pick and choose which ones suit your needs best, and begin applying them immediately to conquer your anxiety.


Order today and you’ll also get a special, recently released bonus talk by Dr. John — The Power of Mindset. This 40 minute talk includes the latest research on the importance of your mindset in diverse areas such as stress, anxiety, aging, pain and success.

Get the latest scientifically-proven information that will help you learn how you can get rid of anxiety. Order your very own online course of Freedom from Anxiety today. You can download and save all the course materials including exercises, audio files, meditations and classes. Materials are compatible with Mac and PC, tablets, phones and PCs.


Normally, the price of this course is $175. For a limited time, you may purchase this 6-week course with over 15 scientifically-proven tools, over 8 hours of material, plus a bonus talk on Mindset for the sale pricer of $147. All this expertise, advice and actionable tools for the low price of $147 (or 3 monthly payments of $53). That’s less than the cost of seeing Dr. John for one office visit and you get all his most effective tools to learn in the comfort of your own home!

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