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Welcome to the High Performer Shop where you can find the latest in high performance coaching, online classes, anger management classes, self-improvement books, and much more. Everything you need to begin leveling up your life today! All the best tools and materials from high performance and executive coach Dr. John Schinnerer.

Ultimate Anger Management Course - 15 hour

$197.00 USD

Let's be honest and make a significant change. Each day of your life could be more passionate and purposeful and les...

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The Happiness Course

$97.00 USD

Happiness is not what you think. It is fundamental to your success, how you feel today, and it’s a critical pre...

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Freedom From Anxiety Class

$147.00 USD

In this brand new 8-hour video class, Freedom from Anxiety, U.C. Berkeley-trained emotion expert, Dr. John Schinnerer...

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The Power of Mindset

$9.95 USD

Discover The Power of Mindset: The Mindset Necessary for Success in this powerful 40-minute talk by Dr. John Schinner...

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Ultimate Anger Management Course - 12 Hours

$167.00 USD

It's time that you learned new strategies for reaching into your heart and mind and accessing new levels of happiness...

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Ultimate Anger Management Course - 10 Hours

$147.00 USD

How much faster could you activate your potential, achieve your goals, find real happiness, and become as s...

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How Can I Be Happy? The Book

$14.95 USD

How Can I Be Happy? received the award for “Best Self-Help Book of the Year” by East Bay Express. In...

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