Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

·  How do I begin?

First, decide whether you need the 10-hour, 12-hour or 15-hour online anger management class (or other class). Once you have decided which online class you'd like to take, go to our Shop and click on the icon for the class you'd like. Enter your information and pay for the class via Paypal, Visa or MasterCard. Your user name is your email address and you choose your own password during the sign up process.  You will immediately receive an email confirming enrollment. Once you have signed up, head to the My Course section where you can instantly access your online class with your email address and new password of your choosing.

Be sure to use a valid e-mail address, and check it after you sign up. We will be sending your account information to keep in case you need it later. If the e-mail does not arrive in a few minutes, check your spam or junk-mail folder.

·  When can I take my class?

You can take your class anytime, day or night, 24/7 and you choose how long you spend during each session - 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or more.

·  Do I need to order any books or other materials to take a class?

Everything you need is available in the online course. No additional books or materials are required. All files (audio, video, exercises and handouts) may be downloaded and saved to your computer or tablet. You are welcome to keep these materials as long as you'd like.

·  Do I get a Certificate of Completion?

You can be emailed a personalized certificate of completion upon finishing the final lesson of the class by emailing Info AT GuideToSelf DOT com.

·  How long does a class take to complete?

The time to finish a class is completely up to you. Each class may be completed in a matter of days, or over the course of weeks, for those with very busy schedules. The system is set up to accommodate your schedule and particular rate of learning.

·  Does this course meet employer or court requirements?

In most cases, yes. To the best of our knowledge, we have never had one of our classes turned down by a court or employer once they look at the quality of our offerings. However, it is recommended that you check ahead of time to be certain. We are happy to provide you with a Letter of Enrollment for free and in advance of your class. Submit this letter to the court or your employer at the start of your work, then you will know that the work you do will be accepted. Upon completion you are automatically emailed a Letter of Completion.

·  Is there any time limit on completion?

There is no time limit. You determine the pace of the class. It is entirely up to you.

·  How is the quiz given?

The quiz is multiple choice, 12 questions and you have several attempts to pass it.

·  Will there be homework?

These top flight online Anger Management  classes all contain homework and exercises to be done with each lesson. They are designed to encourage you to practice the new tools in the class. The homework is made to be enjoyable and relaxing as well as educational.

·  What are the computer requirements?

Our classes are taught by videos (hosted on private YouTube pages) which deliver content to you. These video files are downloadable to your computer. You can learn at your own pace. The computer will remember where you left off and bring you to that lesson when you sign on the next time.  The files come in a variety of file formats including MOV, MP4, FLV. The exercises are also downloadable and are in PDF, MOV, MP3 and MP4 formats. These files are viewable via PC or Mac computers. They will not work with Linux.

·   Is there a money back guarantee?

If the online class does not work for you for any reason, there is a complete, no-stress money back guarantee for 90 days from date of purchase.

·   Does Dr. John see clients individually?

Yes, Dr. John Schinnerer sees clients for anger management (and other areas) in his offices in Danville, CA. He also Skypes with clients around the world. The hourly rate for individual sessions is $395. For more information, email Info AT GuideToSelf DOT  com.

·   Do you have any testimonials from prior customers?

This anger course has made a tremendous difference in my life. My outlook is so much more positive and friendly. My wife and kids now refer to me as the “New Sherm.” – Sherman B.

Actually my fiancee and I broke up. and I was angry all the time because she wasn’t doing anything. It didnt take much to set me off. Since I took your course I’m not as stressed or angry. And since I started reading your book, I have more patience.  Thanks, Chris. – Chris T.

Your anger management course has been great! I learned that I did not really have an anger issue, but I did have a positivity issue. I only saw the negative in my life, and I put that load on the ones I love most. The buckets of positive and negative thoughts will always be in my mind. Thank you for your great work!  – Justin A.


Evidence based online anger management classes 10 hour, 12 hour, 15 hour

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Anger Management for Very Busy People - A Mini-Course

A mini-course offering the best tools for managing anger for very busy people. This course offers only the best, most powerful tools in an easy-to-learn format. Enjoy seven audio classes with Dr. John Schinnerer. Each class is roughly 8-10 minutes in length and is MP3 format so you can listen in your car or on the move! All tools have been proven in scientific studies to help reduce anger. Tools include forgiveness, lovingkindness, duration, intensity and frequency (DIF), universal anger triggers, cognitive interpretations, and more.  Only $19.95.


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A mini-course offering the best tools for forgiveness for very busy people. Why forgiveness? Because the daily practice of forgiveness has been shown in studies to lead to less anger, depression, stress, and more frequent positive emotions and a better functioning immune system. This course offers only the best, most powerful tools in an easy-to-learn format. Enjoy seven audio classes with Dr. John Schinnerer. Each class is roughly 8-10 minutes in length and is MP3 format so you can listen in your car or on the move!  Tools include forgiveness of others, forgiveness of self, and forgiveness of your higher power. Start your practice today! Only $19.95


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