Set the Emotional Tone Of a Room

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2018

Are you an emotional thermostat or a thermometer?

In other words, do you merely reflect the #emotions in the room you are in, like a thermometer? 

Or do you SET the emotional range in the room like a thermostat? 

Practice changing the emotional feel of a room by choosing gratitude. 

#Gratitude is the one emotion you can CHOOSE to experience despite what you are currently feeling. You can choose to be grateful when feeling bummed out. 

You can choose to be grateful when feeling upset. 

You can choose to be grateful when feeling stressed. 

And by choosing gratitude, you can change how you feel. 

And by changing how you feel, you can change how others in the room feel. 

Be a thermostat! #changetheroom #drjohn #emotionaliq #businesscoach #mensissues #guidetoself

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