The Simple, Fail Proof Tool to Improve Your Marriage


Dr. John Schinnerer


What if I were to tell you there are scientifically proven tools that will quickly and easily improve your relationship with your spouse? Would you be curious? 


As it happens, there are proven tools that you can learn to improve your relationship with your spouse. And this same tool, that I am going to share with you here, even works with your children and coworkers. What’s more, it’s free and simple.


This tool comes from the work of Dr. John and Julie Gottman, the world’s best researchers on marriages — what makes couples successful and what leads to divorce. 


What Do Successful Couples Do Better Than Those Heading Towards a Divorce?

Dr. Gottman wanted to learn which habits might distinguish between successful and unsuccessful couples. He followed a group of couples for 6 years. Roughly half the couples remained together while half divorced. And there was one astonishing difference between...

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