What Are the Best Treatments for Anger? The Top 4 Evidence-Based Practices for Anger

Dr. John Schinnerer

Kristen comes to therapy begrudgingly, stating that she has no problem with anger. She is prone to angry outbursts particularly when she feels criticized. She usually places blame on other people when things go badly. She admits she spends a good part of her day irritated at people or events in her life. When she gets upset, she yells, screams and throws things.

Most psychologists have seen their share of angry patients like Kristen. Seasoned psychologists work with angry clients as often as they work with anxious clients. Yet the majority of studies on difficult emotions have focused on depression and anxiety rather than anger and aggression.

Given this shortage of research on anger, the question remains, what is the best way to treat anger? This article will look at the most effective scientifically-proven, evidence-based treatments for reducing anger.

Diagnosing Problem Anger

Most individuals feel angry about 3-4 times per week. In a 1997 study by Howard...

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