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Here at the High Performer Shop you can find the latest in high performance coaching, anxiety management classes, anger management classes, self-improvement books, positive psychology classes and much more. Everything you need to begin leveling up your life today! All the best tools and materials from award-winning author and master coach Dr. John Schinnerer.

The Ultimate Anger Management Course

$99.95 USD

Let's be honest and make a significant change. Each day of your life could be more passionate and purposeful and les...

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Forgiveness Mini-course for Very Busy People

$29.95 USD

A mini-course offering the best tools for forgiveness for very busy people. Why forgiveness? Because the daily practi...

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Anger Management for Very Busy People - A Mini-Course

$29.95 USD

A mini-course offering the best tools for managing anger for very busy people. This course offers only the best, most...

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How Much Is Your Happiness Worth?

$5,995.00 USD

Right now, you have the opportunity to be coached 1-on-1 with Dr. John! Here is everything you need to become happier...

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The Happiness Course

$69.95 USD

Happiness is not what you think. It is fundamental to your success, how you feel today, and it’s a critical predictor...

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Freedom From Anxiety Class

$129.95 USD

You know, anxiety is a pain in the *ss - painful, annoying, exhausting, even embarrassing. It keeps you from being so...

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The Power of Mindset

$9.95 USD

Discover The Power of Mindset: The Mindset Necessary for Success in this powerful 40-minute talk by Dr. John Schinner...

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Ultimate Anger Management Course - 12 Hours

$75.95 USD

It's time that you learned new strategies for reaching into your heart and mind and accessing new levels of happiness...

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Ultimate Anger Management Course - 10 Hours

$75.95 USD

How much faster could you activate your potential, achieve your goals, find real happiness, and become as successful ...

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How Can I Be Happy? The Book

$19.95 USD

How Can I Be Happy? received the award for “Best Self-Help Book of the Year” by East Bay Express. In an engaging and ...

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